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Durotech Solutions is a CIDB certified construction company with the goal of making it an essential and self-motivated provider of services within the infrastructure development sector.

This company has authenticated itself as an essential end-to-end service benefactor within the construction and conservation domains.

We are permanently dedicated to the advancement of new ground works. We dignify ourselves in the aptitude of improving the lives of our communities by delivering excellent services. At Durotech Solutions, we put quality on the pedestal and stay loyal to the uppermost quality morals which are sustained by our ISO____________ authorization.

We do not consider our clientèle as just clients, but they are our official partners who operate in concert with us to modify the lives of persons in our community.

We are Durotech Solutions, Always Provide Durable and Sustainable Services.


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Our Mission

To deliver durable and sustainable customer-oriented end-to-end, construction, carpentry and civil engineering solutions to our diverse clientele. Our main areas of focus are quality and innovation: the hallmarks of our success. Our highly skilled team of engineers and artisans utilize our seamlessly integrated work systems and processes, project management technologies and procedures ensure delivery of quality cost-effective projects to our clients.

Our Vision

To become an African top-notch innovator in the highly competitive construction industry and the provision of quality cost-effective infrastructure to improve our clients’ and or their businesses’ bottom line and consequently the overall quality of life of their respective communities.

Our Values

Our client centered core values and business ethics are honesty, fairness and value for money which are the linchpin of our company.

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We have completed various projects for both private and public organizations throughout the greatest of South Africa.


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